For Fun: The Little Body Factory

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Commercial Universe for kids

The Little Body Factory started out in 2007 as a for fun project by Tommy Linnebjerg (idea, visuals) & Thomas Tingstrup (idea, strategy, text) and ended up becoming an entertainment/edutainment Universe for Kids (up to 5 years) and their parents.

The core idea is to take all the funny/naughty body words (Farts, Bogeys, Ear Wax etc), turn them into small easy-to-read-good-night-stories (4 minutes is a convenient length for parents) and use them as excuses to talk with their kids about the body, body functions etc. in a more serious way and/or to use to comfort their kids when the fall and hurt themselves.

All based on our real life experiences

  • As dads finding goodnight stories too long and too boring
  • As grown-ups finding it very funny to talk about farts

After one year the concept consisted of 6 finished book titles in 3 languages (English, German & Danish), another 18 sketches ideas to new titles, trailer to animated versions, a range of merchandise etc., an online platform where

The project was never commercialized because we left Denmark to focus on Tings – our concept for the free individual traveler.


The Books

The Little Body Factory, volume 1: The Fart Factory

The Little Body Factory, volume 2: The Bogey Mill

The Little Body Factory, volume 3: The Tear Brewery

The Little Body Factory, volume 5: The Dream Weavers

The Little Body Factory, volume 6: The Bump & Bruise Studio


The Animations (dummy)

The Trailer


The Merchandize

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