Annette Tingstrup

How on Earth did a math./phys. student end up designing rings in Kathmandu?

Well, guess that’s because Annette is what one will call : a true midle-brainer. Creative and structured, empathetic and analytical.

Doing what I like – and what I’m good at – has always been my driving force. And as I have different passions and my capacities are diverse. I might look very ‘jumpy’ seen from outside. 

But whether studying languages, consumer behavior or linear estimation, whether working as planner, marketing manager, project manager, consultant or VP Annette’s focus has been to understand the basic patterns and structures behind ‘things’ and use the insights to improve and create something relevant – or more relevant than it was before she got involved.

To help people & companies understand their brands and how to improve them have been Annette’s mission the last 20 years.

Whether I have worked with beers, banks or fashion, school kids or international travelers I’ve learned one thing: If the personality that a brand expresses isn’t relevant to the consumer something is wrong – it wont sell, or rather, it’s far from its potential.

The good thing is – you can change it, make it relevant. And that’s what I’m good at, and love to do. 🙂 

The later years Annette’s focus has been on creating ambiences as well as cashmere, rings and other things – in tingsting – while using her ‘left side’ managing the hotel administration, bookings etc.