Married and Partners

In 2019 Thomas and Annette gathered their friends to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. The venue was Tings Lisbon – their hotel and latest venture in the Tings-Platform they kicked off in 2009. A project that has taking them to Nepal, Myanmar and now Portugal – AND a project that gives them the ‘space’ to exploit their common as well as individual skills, interests and experiences.

Before Tings they had NO experience in running hotels – except for the nights they have spend in the more the 2000 hotels on all continents on this planet.

The drama you find on the thin ice 

about leaving your comfort zone.

Thomas & Annette – aka TogA


  • Longstanding, informal cooperation
  • Mutual respect for each other’s qualifications and differences
  • “Professionally, we have both achieved what we want – it’s difficult to get it  better / more fun than what we have all ready been part of… But still we continue to create, develop etc and get new achievements in different ways – we can’t help it”

like soccer players to receive the ball you have to place yourself in a free position

T about getting opportunities

Specific areas of expertise

  • Business and concept development
  • Generating, redefining, optimizing, conceptualizing, designing, branding
  • Commercializing
  • Communication & PR
  • Attractive network
  • Seminars

If you really want to fly, harness your your passion.

A about choosing what to work with.


  • Common interests & big differences
  • World Citizens, with lots of traveling and friends around the world
  • Open-minded, tolerant and a zest for life.
  • Intuitive, searching, spiritual

The easiest thing in the world is to list excuses for not doing things…

T og A about how to change your life

In 2000 Thomas & Annette (aka TogA) packed their back packs and went on the road for a year. Annette quit her job as VP at Carlsberg International, Thomas his job as Strategic Planner at Partners. When they returned to Denmark they started planning their common project: TINGS – A CONCEPT FOR THE FREE INDEPENDENT TRAVELERS.

In 2009 TogA kicked off Tings that has taken them to Nepal, Myanmar and Portugal…. so far.

Like Beastie Boys

They Can’t, They Won’t and They Don’t Stop.