Substanz: How to commercialize story telling

Thomas, All the things we did for Tuborg Chrismas Brew, Finn & Jacob, Donald Duck and all the other media stunts…. why don’t you make one of your business models and the let us start up a company?

Troels Rasmussens out burst after our late night dinner.

This question came from Troels Rasmussen who Thomas had teamed up with every 4-5 years since their first Tuborg Christnas project back in 1993. And every time with huge commercial success.

Now (in 2001) Thomas had just returned from a 12 month back packing travel around the world was starting up as an free lance consultant. He had just  finished a very successful launch campaign for for Troels new company Zentropa Real’s documentary about Danish Photographer Jacob Riis.

Troels’ was – and is – one of Denmarks best TV journalists, producers what ever with several international success on his CV. His work bored him and the whole journalism was undergoing huge changes because of the online medias.  The traditionla mediahouses had NO money for serious journalism any more.

Troels’ question trigged him – he started playing with the idea of making journalism commercial.

What is a good story? How do you know if it’s good? Can you brand it? And how do you distribute it? 

These were only few of the questions Thomas asked himself the following day.