Substanz: Can You brand The History?


In 2004 Thomas and journalist Troels Uhrbrand Rasmussen started up Substanz. A company that combined the best from the journalisme with the best from sales and marketing.

The business model was to brand, conceptualize and format story telling and sell the business plan to Media Organisations based on a royalty deal.


After creating a basic BUT very efficient idea generating tool/method we soon had our first concept. A History Brand: Your Own History.

All loved the concept, and all believed in its potential.

But no one was willing to invest. Instead we raised the money ourselves and created the biggest and fastest selling story telling brand in Europe with more than 1 million copies sold, premium prized, in 6 countries – all achieved in 4 years. The book formats in Denmark went number 1 on the sales charts and the board quiz games broke all sales records.

Against our intentions we ended up spending more and more time on key accounts, auditors, banks and employees instead of focusing on what we’re good at: creating, promoting and developing ideas! and decided to sell Substanz to Egmont.

The brand the revolutionized the entertainment world