What we do

Toga Care is not a traditional consultancy agency. But we do work as consultants. Either individually or together as a team.

We either work on own projects like our Tings Concept with Tings Tea Tea Lounge and Lounge Hotel, Art@Tings (leaded by Thomas and supported by Annette) and Tings Ting (leaded by Annette supported by Thomas). Or we get involved in other’s projects like Munin Sport where Thomas got involved as a business angle and EAT where Annette worked with the interior design, but also followed the development of the identity closely.


We get involved in projects where our experience, skills and network can make a difference 

  • We evaluate idea’s commercial potential and set up
  • We develop or evaluate business strategies, marketing strategies and & communication strategy
  • We make business plans operational, from concept development to execution/implementation.
  • We commercialize business plans/projects: We evaluate potential, define markets/segments, develop sales strategies, make affiliation strategies, etc.
  • Generating, redefining, optimizing, conceptualizing, designing, branding
  • Communication & PR


Our main areas are:

  • Entertainment, design, travel, art & culture, FMCG, digital marketing. All the industries that we feel the most for and are well qualified for as well – but our experience are wider than that