Thomas Tingstrup

From Copenhagen, Europe. Since 2009 living in Asia & Portugal.

Without knowing why Thomas applied for a position as a bank trainee in Amagerbanken after finishing his high school back in 1984. He got the position!

Almost by coincidence I got involved in promoting the bank’s tailor made financial services for Young Students. That was my first introduction to Marketing. I have been ‘in marketing’ ever since in various industries like Finance, FMCG, Entertainment, Travel and Web – industries that I really feel for.

What’s fascinates me are all the similarities the different industries have in common. Whether it has been Finance, FMCG, Entertainment, Hospitality or Web the tools to solutions have always been the same: Branding, Distribution, Communication.

What surprise me is that I always end up spending too much time on ‘obvious & logic” solutions that that almost always ends up . Passion and Profit are my driving forces – It makes you forget the hard work and always

Thomas is still working with marketing and business strategy – and still in various industries

But his base has moved from Northern Europe – currently Lisbon/Portugal & Kathmandu/Nepal where he and Annette are developing their new Travel Brand for the free individual traveler: Tings

After 5 years in Kathmandu we have an insight in the local business world nobody else have. We are independent, we do not rely on funds from governments and/or NGO’s and other institutions. We use the tools we know from the west.

By using consumer behavior, business development and marketing skills and mix it with common sense we have entered the hospitality industry –  surrounded by 700 hotels in Kathmandu – and still managed to create one of the most successful hotels & contemporary Travel Brands in Kathmandu. In less than 2 years!

Our experience, local network and our international way of working we now want to pass on to Nepal. And is there a better way to do this than starting up an Ad Agency with talented and dedicated young Nepalese marketeers?

In October 2013 Thomas & Annette joined Sonna Amataya & Vivek Singh in FullCircle. A new advertising agency based on European methods, tradition ambition mixed with Nepalese insight and local feeling.

When not working Thomas has a huge passion for Music, Literature, Food and Art.

From TogaCare’s TingsArt platform he has supported, initiated, organized and financed Art Exhibitions, Food Projects, EDM Jazz-festivals, Film-festivals, Start-Up events etc all over the world.

Thomas is an active blogger and a skilled con amore Web designer.