Thomas huge experience in creating brands, projects and businesses comes from his involvement in countless projects since the mid 70’ties.

Through his involvement in everything from small private art and culture projects to huge businesses involving creatives, accountants, artists, lawyers,marketing executives and others Thomas has acquired a unique skill of attacking and solving problems  in un-traditional ways often added a good share of common sense.

To Thomas work is passion – always with elements of music, food, art or brands.


Acquired skills

Strategic planning: Perhaps the most important part of his work. He loves removing the science, digging out the essence and cutting through the issues so that everybody around him understands the situation and can see what direction to take.

PR and event making: His strong intuitive sense leads him to know ‘what’s the story’; this skill has helped him create some of the most effective, commercial PR campaigns in Denmark.

Creating new business: The combination of curiosity, common sense and greed/ambition has helped Thomas creating numerous successful and profitable new business ideas including music concepts, revitalized sleeping products and more.

Saving costs: In Thomas’ world, it’s not about cutting to save. It’s about being focused on the costs in order to make the most of his activities.

People: Thomas is good at motivating people around him. Whether he has worked with top executives, superstar artists, creative people and finance people, he has always succeeded in creating a good atmosphere and enthusiasm.

Web: Thomas was among the first in Denmark making websites in the 90’ties. To day he is an active blogger and knows enough about web designing and social networking to do the basic things himself, and when to get specialists involved.