About Toga

This website is not a traditional corporate one – so in case you’re confused: Toga Care is about business! 


Instead of listing the companies we have worked for and/or with, listing all the projects we have been involved in and listing the different positions we have had we have chosen to go behind a few of the many solutions we have part of. 

Big or small solutions.

But only solutions that have made a difference! 


Toga is short for Thomas & Annette (&=and =’og’ in Danish). And we do marketing, branding & business strategy all over the world.

We work together or individually… it depends on the projects and the clients.

The pages on this website will give you an idea about what we do, how we work and hopefully who we are as human beings.

If you want a more traditional presentation you can either check us out on LinkedIn and/or contact us.

If you want us to work with you – don’t  let geography stop you. We currently live in Yangon, Kathmandu and Bangkok. But we work internationally.


Looking forward to meet you.

Annette & Thomas