Art@Tings: The Art Consultancy Company

Art means a lot to us!


And not only in our private life but also in our work where it’s one of our most efficient marketing tools.

Let’s be honest – Kathmandu is not overrun by marketing professionals. At least not the kind of professionals you’ll find in most other countries. When we arrived in Kathmandu in 2009 it was almost like travelling 25 years back in time professionally. 


You want us to promote Tings without using marketing!?  

We could see the frustration in our advertising agency eyes when we asked them to make a campaign for Tings – but without using print advertising, outdoor, radio etc.

Today Tings Tea Lounge & Lounge Hotel still has NO signs in the street, we never advertise, we’re NOT in the books, we say NO to reviews in the papers and magazines etc. And still we’re considered one of the most happening place – But only to a very limited group of people:  The free individual travelers – and like minded. To the rest of the crowd we’re completely unknown.

The secret behind this is our wide range of below the line activities – mainly focused on art – or art in a broad context including poetry, fashion, food, music,  video etc. Activities that has been integrated in all our beings and doings since before leaving Europe. Out Tings Business & Concept plan included guidelines for the interior design, guidelines for our menus and of course our marketing strategy witch mainly included activities is to create a buzz through PR/Event/Networking etc. towards a very limited but well defined group of people.

We ended up doing everything ourselves – at the end of the day the message we wanted out and the tone of voice was so much us that it didn’t make sense to involve others.

In the beginning Art@Tings was art events at Tings only.

Now Art@Tings – is our virtual company we use for our art (and art related) activities. Events we make our selves, events we’re part of, art consultancy other clients/projects’companies as well.