Our Tings Concept is more than 7 years old. And stronger than ever!

Today it is exactly four years ago we opened the doors to our first guests at Tings Lounge Hotel


The opening 9 February 9th 2011 not only marked the results of 18 months hard work in a very complicated environment.

It was also the result of a concept we’ve been playing with in our spare time since the first thoughts and ideas occurred 5-6 years earlier.

In June 2017 Tings Lisbon opens it’s doors for the first guests


We rarely look back – always ahead.

Right now we are working on future Tings Ventures – so we’re updating the brand and concept with the learnings and experiences we’ve gained over the last years, so we have a 100% bullet proof concept to present the investors that we need.

A few days ago we received TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2015. It’s  the 4th time we get it, but this year’s certificate is different from the previous years. It is the first year that Tings is run 100% without our involvement. The first year that we’ve been more away than at Tings in Kathmandu.

For travellers the certificate proves that guests who have stayed with us are happy and satisfied with our concept. To us it also proves that it is possible to create an international brand focused on a truly international segment – and leave the responsibility in the hands of talented young boys and girls who run the place to perfection. It proves that people grow with the responsibility and trust you give them. They grow professionally and personally. It’s amazing to see what self esteem does to youngsters.

It’s amazing to see how everybody glowed with pride when we told them that 2014 has been our best year ever – a huge achievement since both our occupancy and profit has been fantastic since day one.


2014 was not only the breakthrough for Tings Tea Lounge and Tings Lounge Hotel. It was also the breakthrough for other elements of our original Brand & Concept

Tings is far more than ‘just’ a hotel. It’s a concept with all kinds of elements that grow naturally from the Tings Tea Lounge & Lounge Hotel. Most of them are still in the start up phase. Yet all of them had excellent results in 2014.

In 2014 we established our Tings Catering.

We have deliberately stayed low and kept quiet about this slowly growing business until we were sure that Jit, Dorje and the rest of the team were confident and capable of running everything from receiving orders, making proposal etc, to delivering. After delivering a truly international menu to more than 300 VIP guests at the Danish Embassy, to everyone’s satisfaction, we are now confident that Tings Catering can deliver the quality Tings stands for. We were not present – we were in Lisbon.

Tings team, you are the best. Thank you for all your hard work + incredibly good food. We had fun together + i’d be happy to work together + joke around with you guys again.
Sareena Rai/Danish Center for Culture and Developement

Our art consultancy company Art@Tings is now an independent art hub

The only way we promote Tings is through Social Networking. The way we reach our guest is by blogging about things that we believe are of interest to our guests. We blog about traveling – not only about destinations but also about life on the road. And the we blog about art & music and food: what we like, what we experience and what we’re involved in here in Kathmandu through our art consultancy concept: Art@Tings.

Art@Tings is now established and its connection/relation to Tings Tea Lounge & Lounge Hotel so well known that we don’t have to limit our activities to our premises in Lazimpat.

In 2014 we introduced the platform ReConceptionsOfJazz that took place all over Kathmandu and reached not only a new crowd in Nepal. It gave us relevant and interesting content, that showed a new vibrant side of Tings internationally.

In 2015 Art@Tings will continue these away-from-Tings activities – this time with an increased focus on creating contacts – building bridges – between young contemporary artists in Europe and Nepal.

TingsTing – high quality cashmere design – is developing fast

Nobody knows where this project will take us. It deliberately has its one life. It’s our ‘playground’ where we try out new ideas – ideas that (again) not only gives us the possibility to communicate stories that interest our guests – it also add the quality dimension to our brand. All our designs are driven by passion, and feedback from guests that pass by Tings. The products that reach the web-shop and the pop-up shops in Europe have all proved relevant. Either from the sales directly to the guests at Tings or from people reading about the products online.


Our projects may seem spontaneous. They are NOT!

All our projects have been a part of our Tings Concept since the beginning. There are several smaller projects in the pipeline. Some might see the light of day in 2015. Others will probably not happen.

The project that has our full attention right now is the opening of a new Tings in a new country.

So in this light our Certificate of Excellence 2015 from Tripadvisor is not only a great encouragement. It is also proves that the way we work with people, the way we communicate online, and the way we get involved in relevant areas of interest, work.

And if it works here in the chaotic Kathmandu, it works everywhere.



Annette & Thomas